The New Whitney Museum of American Art


I was super fortunate to go to New York this Christmas. The festive season was spent in the Hamptons, where I got geeky about American birds – red cardinals, bluejays and chickadees, it was incredible! I had a day in Manhattan before I came home, and went to the new Whitney Museum of American Art. The temporary exhibition was a Frank Stella retrospective. Themes of discipline, systems and repetition are all obviously of great interest to me in my work, alongside abstract geometry, so I was really happy to catch this show. I love setting myself projects and challenges, the idea of a painting for all 135 chapters of Moby Dick was really interesting.

The permanent collection was pretty amazing, and the building itself is really cool too, set between the Hudson and the High Line.

British Ceramics Biennial

Back in November, Ella and I took a trip to Stoke to check out the British Ceramics Biennial. This dinner set by Katie Schwab was my absolute favourite, I love the naive forms and the pop of mustard behind the monochrome. Lots of beautiful work there. I also really enjoyed the mesmeric Geysers by Caroline Tattersall. So glad I managed to catch this, my aim for this year is to get out and about to more exhibitions. Tomorrow: Bolton!